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    Sep 2011

    New McDonald's, Aldi, and Cafe coming to Huntley and a snag for the new Hospital

    I saw that the "local news" section isn't updating for some reason on HN, and I saw these articles on FEN, so I thought I'd post it here for those that only check HN and may have missed it.

    1. New McDonald's with double drive-thru in front of Wal-Mart (hope it's 24 hrs like some of the other locations)

    2. New Aldi store and "Brunch Cafe" (http://www.brunchcafe.com/)

    Brunch Cafe sounds good judging by the reviews on Yelp from the other locations:

    3.) Some sort of snag for the new hospital

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    Hopefully the new McDonald's will have better service than the current one. That's all I have to say about that!

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    We certainly do not need another grocery store at that end of town!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banana Man View Post
    Hopefully the new McDonald's will have better service than the current one. That's all I have to say about that!
    Completely agree with you!!!

    An Aldi doesn't thrill me. Not a fan.
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    I like Aldi, they have some really good deals on food. Not at all the Aldi I grew up with.

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    I like Aldi and am happy to have one so close to where I live. McDonald's is a great option when I want to get a cup of tea but I can't think of anything else to recommend the place. I prefer real food; however, the majority of the country has a different opinion.

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    I hope the Aldi's is on the North end of town, also would love a gas station at that end too!!!

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    Huntley updates

    Thanks for posting this information, Neo!

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    Love Aldi and Brunch Cafe! Yeah!!!

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    Aldi, Brunch Cafe and McDonald's have all been proposed to be on the South end of Rt. 47

    McDonald's being on the same side of the street as Walmart and Aldi/Brunch Cafe next to Rookies.

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