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    Quote Originally Posted by dogangel View Post

    Besides, the rumbling of the snow blower can not be any worse than the sudden DROP of the big Public Works plow trucks as they are going around the neighborhood with blaring bright flashing lights like the "Griswold's Family Christmas" display of lights on wheels.... And they are doing it 24 hours a day -- Finally, the snow removal and ice poses an actual liability to every home owner out there, so it is imperative to be cleaned up -- I have not heard of as many trip and falls happening due to blades of grass being a centimeter above the "desired" level!

    Haha! This is exactly what I was thinking!

    I cannot speak for Huntley, but in LITH we are required to remove the snow from the sidewalks. They cannot exactly complain that there is noise if you are following the regulations to remove it in a timely manner. The kids head to the bus early in the morning, and the sidewalks need to be cleared for them.

    Snow is something that needs to be dealt with so we can go about our lives. If that means you have to deal with it at 2AM, so be it. That is assuming you are removing it in the middle of a snow storm. Now if it stopped snowing 6 hours ago, and you are JUST getting to it at 2AM, I suspect you can wait until a slightly more reasonable hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogangel View Post
    (BTW NascarGirl -- I have bought a whole of salt now, so no more hanging on door for dear life from my front door -- Gosh I am such an oblivious ding dong!!!) --
    No worries!!!! We made it to the car safely ....

    We'll still come over again .. even in the winter!!
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    We use the shovel but most of our neighbors use a snow blower. Next door the man uses very early but we completely understand. I don't believe it would be considered to be disturbing the peace either. I guarantee most people don't do it because they can and enjoy it-it has to get done. I am glad to hear them, then we know we should be getting up earlier then normal to dig ourselves out too! If it is that big of a deal-the people that don't want to hear it too early should offer to remove the snow for the neighbors later in the morning! Just kidding of course!

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