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    Thank you for your votes of confidence for Grafton Township Assessor!

    Dear Grafton Township voters,

    Thank you for helping me reach the April 4th General Election ballot as your Grafton Township Assessor.

    Receiving four and a half times the minimum required primary votes sent a clear message.
    • Grafton Township property tax payers want an Assessor and Assessor's Office that provides accurate and fair assessments.
    • They don't want some cheap, unqualified contractor just to sign the book.
    • They don't want some unknown contractor ready to hand-out deals again.
    • They don't want the county handling one of their largest investments.
    • They don't want a shoe-string budget that barely makes the grade.
    • They want the job done well.

    The proven, analytical, "nobody's finger on the scale," approach I implemented put Grafton Township first in assessment accuracy for 2014, 2015 and 2016. It will remain in place and be enhanced to guarantee a continuation of the pure, market-based accuracy of your assessments.

    You can send another strong message by casting your April 4th votes for me in favor of accuracy and fairness for all. Let's achieve another resounding victory together for Grafton Township!

    Thank you again for your well-placed trust and support.

    Al Zielinski

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    You think that having two hundred people that you have brain-washed writing your name is a vote of confidence? I'm sure there would be many more people who would vote you off the island rather than vote you in!

    Wake up to reality

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    Sad that 96 people drank his kool-aid
    ~ John ~

    Our problems are man-made. Therefore, they can be solved by man. --- John F. Kennedy

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