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Thread: Shark Steam Mop

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    Sep 2008
    even when you factor in S&H?

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    Hi Paul, I still have the receipt sitting on my desk (because I am the worst at letting stuff pile up!!!) .

    Shipping & handling was $7.72. So my grand total with tax was $79.25, and it included 5 extra pads, which seem to run about $10 each ( I keep finding 2 for $20). I really needed more than 2, as I have the bathrooms, two entryways and the kitchen to do, and I am oddly freakish about using a fresh one for each space

    But if you only need 2 pads then Amazon is the same price. And I know places like Bed Bath & Beyond do those "20% off" coupons a lot, so that might be good to.

    Kohls has it right now for $99 with 4 pads.
    Dawn R

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    I have two steam mops, a Shark and a Maxkon, bought on crazysales:
    Both work fine. The more force you put behind it, the more it will steam and thus thoroughly clean the floors. I use it on our kitchen tile (it doesnít completely clean grout) and on our wood floors and it always leaves them shinny and clean. Havenít had any trouble with durability-it works as it did the day I took it out of the box. The price of the two brands is almost at the same level. Both can handle hard wood floor, and worth a payment.

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    FYI: Steam should not be used on Hardwoods or Laminates since they are wood products.

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    Mrs. Jim wanted one, so we got one.
    I think we've used it 3 times.
    It's currently collecting dust.

    That reminds me! Another donation for Amvets.
    May all your dreams be in HD

    Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.

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